Final project 9sounds

Ok so here it is…

1. Clock:


2. Car crash:


3. Typewriter:


4. Conversation between an angry father and shy child:


5. Conversation between a tuba and a flute:


6. Bumble bees making love:


7. Jazz band playing- guitar, piano, drums, bass, trumpet:


8. An empty stomach:


9. Death:



Abc and 123 book

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. Finding the pictures was fun and challenging,and also putting the actual book together was super interesting. I have never made a book before, but now I think I will make more! I used the Coptic binding technique, but instead of using a needle and thread I used really thin wire to bind it. it worked really well and was a lot easier than threading a needle lol. The cover is made with illustration board and collage

Here is the front:


Here are some of the inside pages:



Here is the back, I made a little pocket on the back cover that holds the 123 book:


And the little 123 book:



Hope you enjoy! Xoxo

Sound board

I’m a bit late on putting this up… It was from a while ago, I was sitting on one of the little couch/benches in the entry area of the fine arts building.. It was very quiet.. But then a group of probably 60 teenagers started coming around the corner to go to the bathroom. Not gonna lie, I was a little confused as to what was going on. They we all together in a group and looked like they were probably only in 8th or 9th grade. Anyways they were soo loud! Especially compared to the quiet stillness I was part of before. I could hear them coming from a distance but at the moment the biggest part of the group was right in front of me is what I drew in this piece. Xoxoxo



I liked this assignment. It’s really interesting how being next to a certain color can change a second color’s whole appearance. the whole experiment reminds me of one of my little mantras “you are who you hang out with” lol it’s even true for colors! Or at least they are effected by those they hang out with….


Seven letter word

For the seven letter word project I choose the word imagine. I knew I wanted to use a mixture of marker, paint, and oil pastels because to me they make the most sense for imagination, very mushy and blendable and mutable. The critique I received was that it was cliche and something people have seen before. I can get that, maybe if I left myself more time to do it I would have been a little more creative. The girl had to be used because if my lack of ability to draw a person, Or a face lol I like how she became an imagination warrior at the very end when I swiped those colors on her cheek 🙂 this will probably be the kind of project that I add to over and over again.