Seven letter word

For the seven letter word project I choose the word imagine. I knew I wanted to use a mixture of marker, paint, and oil pastels because to me they make the most sense for imagination, very mushy and blendable and mutable. The critique I received was that it was cliche and something people have seen before. I can get that, maybe if I left myself more time to do it I would have been a little more creative. The girl had to be used because if my lack of ability to draw a person, Or a face lol I like how she became an imagination warrior at the very end when I swiped those colors on her cheek 🙂 this will probably be the kind of project that I add to over and over again.



2 thoughts on “Seven letter word

  1. I disagree about the clichĂ© comment. This could’ve been many things so I think the fact that it isn’t completely obvious takes away from the clichĂ© argument. I love it and I don’t think using the photo takes away from it. In fact, I think it adds to the mixed media technique. Very nice.

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