Three image narrative

I enjoyed the challenge of this assignment, and also the many different perspectives taken in everyone’s interpretation of their story. The comments on my piece from critique is that there was good use of color and also a good solution to the “x” problem where two parts of the image create an x which can be distracting to the eye. Many people stated that if this were in black and white, it would not be as effective, and I very much agree.

Here are my original three images:




And here is my final image:


Can you guess the story?! Lol hopefully 🙂


4 thoughts on “Three image narrative

  1. I had no idea that the castle was made out of glass bottles! I absolutely love your piece! I love the coloring, the placement of everything, the craftsmanship, and it was very detail oriented. I love the placement of the bricks at the end of the tornado and the way the tulips go over the yellow brick road. You did an awesome job of not only solving the problem, but also doing it in a unique, cute, and crafty way 🙂

  2. God damn the colors are nice. So many, and bright and together. With the blue, the yellow and the complimentary colors red and green, it just pops. I have to say though, and this is just my idea that I noticed, I think that you should have made some of the green castle more thin and towering over another to make it look like a city. I don’t remember the story of Wizard of Oz so I have no clue what the castle actually looks like, but I thought it would make a great idea. Overall, love it.


  3. I loved this piece! The colors, the craftsmenship, and the composition made this piece a huge success. I can’t believe you made the castle out of bottles, I really admire the time you took to make this piece a success.

  4. Wow! I love this. The usage of the bottles to make the emerald city was EXTREMELY CLEVER. I love how you broke up the blocks that make the yellow brick road where the tornado hits. I think it’s a great solution to the problem. I like how you cut the tulips to go over the yellow brick road, so that it didn’t look like there was a road laid on top of a field of tulips. The color is awesome! Good job girl!

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