Final 2D groundsheets

Vertical and horizontal lines

This was my first try, and the feedback was that the lines looked a little crooked and not truly vertical and horizontal. I re-made is one in hopes that it would look more straight, and I changed my tactics a little. I also played around with the line width to make it more interesting on the top left portion. Anyways I think the first one ended up coming out better. Or maybe I just looked at it too long, lol here’s the new version:


Diagonal lines

The feedback on this was that the focal point being on the bottom edge of the page wasn’t working. It happened to be one of my favorites, but I understand the critique. I ended up moving the focal point up just a little bit and adding some more lines. I am actually quite happy with how the new one turned out. I think it does make it more interesting. Here it is:


Curved lines

People seemed pleased about this one, and I really liked it as well. I decided to leave this one as is 🙂

Combination lines

Feedback on this piece was also good, so I decided to leave it alone. The more I look at it, the more I like it actually.

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