2D line sketches





I have my favorites but I want to know what you think 🙂

5 thoughts on “2D line sketches

  1. Nice sketches! I think my favorites are as follows:
    #1- 2B. I like the Aztecan feeling.
    #2- I think 3C is really strong, minimal, but it still says a lot.
    #3- 3A ~or~ 1D
    #4- 3F!
    : )

  2. Love your sketches. My favorite has to be 4D on the combination one. I like the thickness of the vertical lines, it makes it appear as a foreground, and the thinner lines like a background. I think the one that lacks the most is 1B from the combination one. The focal point is dead center, (which from what I gathered from Gaddy’s class does not draw much attention to it) Maybe if you had it skewed to the left or right that would help with that.

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